Dear Mr. Dealer,

I talk to garage dealers on a daily basis, and I always hear the
same thing: "I wish I had something new to sell my clients!"
GarageGuard   makes your wish come true! We finally have
something new and exciting in the garage door industry.

The GarageGuard   keeps leaves, dirt, litter, critters and debris out
of your client's garages when the door is intentionally left open for
a period of time and saves them from having to sweep, rake or
blow their garages clean while also allowing them to enjoy the
benefits of having an open door environment. It's a homeowner's
dream: it mounts very easily on the inside of the door, takes up
zero storage space, and provides a multitude of benefits.

And for you, the GarageGuard   is a SIMPLE add-on to increase  
your average ticket and make more money per account. It has
been tested, it works, it drives revenue, and it helps your customer
- that's a win, win, WIN!!

Please get in touch anytime and I'll be happy to get you ready to
sell the GarageGuard  !

Yours Truly,

Donald Leavitt
'A Product Your Customers Will A-Door'
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